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Anne Hathaway Most Profitable Actresses

Anne Hathaway has proved to be not only one of the most multitalented actress in Hollywood but also one of the most profitable movies stars to hire.

Forbes has compiled a list of five actresses who brings their studios the best return on investment for every dollar the actress has been paid.

Forbes used its own data from the annual Celebrity 100 list when estimating each actress’ earnings on every movie she starred in. The earnings Forbes looked at were any income from TV and DVD sales, film’s box-office proceeds as well as the actress’ up-front pay.

The next step was to figure out the movie’s operating income comparing the movie’s ballpark budget excluding marketing costs, and television, DVD and box-office sales.

The best way for the actress to be included into the list was to star in a high-grossing movie while being paid a modest salary. Each actress had to star in a minimum of three films in the last five years that premiered in at least 500 movie-theatres. Forbes also excluded animated movies and any films that opened after June 1, 2010


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